Hot Lunches & Challah

Lunchtime is an important learning experience at school. Parents may either provide their own nutritious lunches including a drink, or can order hot lunches from the preschool. If you send your child with a lunch, please do not send gum, candy, or soda to school. In accordance with the kosher policy at the Jewish Community Center, we ask for the following:

  • All lunches must be vegetarian or dairy. Dairy refers to non-meat and non-fowl foods. Fish such as tuna fish are considered pareve (neither meat or dairy) and are acceptable.
  • Please do not send any meat or meat products (such as chicken, pork or beef) or any shellfish or shrimp. If your child has any allergies or foods that should be avoided, please contact the School Office! Due to the severity of a peanut or tree nut reaction, we ask that parents not bring anything containing peanuts or tree nuts with their child to school. Please respect the policies of your room.
  • Think “green” – we are also trying! Please send your child with a reusable cup that can be left at school for water, and reusable plates and utensils. Identify all items with your child’s name written in permanent marker.

If you choose to order a hot lunch, please click the link below. Our menu will change every three months.

Challah- Friday's (Month)

Did you sample our challah? It’s incredible, and once you try it, you’ll know what all the fuss is about! Charlie’s delicious challahs are so hard to resist, they often don’t make it home in one piece! Charlie’s is a rich and new-age challah, non-dairy, and arrives freshly baked early Friday morning. Enjoy for your Shabbat dinner, start your day with the best French toast, use it for sandwiches or just eat it plain! Your challah will be delivered directly to your classroom, whether you are ordering for home, or for your child’s class when they are the classroom aba (father) or ima (mother).
Flavor Option: Plain, Chocolate chip, Raisin, Marble (.50 extra for Flavor) Order by the Month

Preschool Hot Lunches

Menu (Sept- Nov)

Monday: Pizza with steamed broccoli
Tuesday: Gourmet 2 Cheese Mac ‘n Cheese with steamed baby carrots
Wednesday: Fresh blueberry pancakes with light syrup and sliced bananas
Thursday: Pizza with fresh sliced cucumber salad
Friday: Vegan chicken fingers with a side of steamed broccoli and home made mashed potatoes

Cost per day: $5.00

Mondays-Pizza with Steamed Broccoli (Sept) Add to Cart

Sept Tuesdays-Gourmet 2 Cheese Mac ‘n Cheese with steamed baby carrots Add to Cart

Wednesdays-Fresh blueberry with light syrup and sliced bananas
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