Nierman Preschool Welcome & Forms

Director's Welcome Letter

Dear Parents,

Welcome to the Nierman Preschool 2016-17 school year! We are excited about the upcoming year, with new programs for each age level. May it be a year filled with growth, creativity, good health, and friendships for all of us!

We are making every effort to make the process of submitting preschool forms as easy and efficient as possible with our on-line Confirmation Package #2 on our website: Please review the forms and flyers carefully--there are many choices and opportunities for you and your children’s participation as well as policies with which to become familiar. Only print out the forms you need to submit.

New students received an initial confirmation with forms required by the State of California as well as additional Nierman Preschool forms. If you have not already done so, please complete these papers immediately and return them to the School Office. For those of you who have not returned the papers or have misplaced the originals (e.g. ID and Emergency Information, Consent for Medical Treatment, Personal Rights, Physician’s Form, etc.), please refer to FORMS PACKET 2 for New Students Only where you can complete these forms on-line for your convenience.

All students should review Forms Packet 1. If you haven’t submitted a family photo with your application packet, please do so now. Make sure to label it with your family name and identify all the individuals pictured. Any changes to your contact information since you submitted your application? Please submit an updated change form to the school office. The Confidential History for New and Returning Students provides valuable information to teachers. These forms are part of FORMS PACKET 1 below.

Forms Packets 3, 4, and 5 have information as well as writeable PDF forms to sign up for optional food, extended day, and enrichment programs. Forms Packet 6 contains important parent information including our calendar and special dates.

We welcome any questions to help facilitate your return of these forms. Use the Nierman Preschool Goes On-Line page below as a referral. If your child has special needs or you would like an opportunity to speak privately with the Director or Teacher, please call me at 858.362.1171 to set up an appointment. I look forward to greeting you at our ALL PARENTS Registration Day on Tuesday, July 5th when we will be open from 8:30 am – 5:30 pm to collect all your completed paperwork. Should you not be available to attend, please contact the school office to make a special appointment, as this is our confirmation that you will be attending the upcoming school year.

Looking forward to a wonderful year,
Alma Hadash Geiger, Director, Early Childhood Education

Nierman Preschool On-Line!

Step 1
• Visit the preschool website at
• At the top of the page click on 2016-17 Preschool Forms.
• Click and open Packet 1: Mandatory Safety and Security Forms.
• Save the files onto your computer.
• Repeat this for Student Forms Packets 3, 4, 5, 6.
• New students only: repeat this for Student Forms Packet 2 if you have not completed the State Required forms.

Step 2
• Read all information pages.
• Complete all mandatory forms and print out.
• Review all optional forms. Complete and print out forms for programs in which you are enrolling your child.
• Attach check for payment (if you are not paying by credit card to the back of the forms). You may use one check for all registrations for your convenience.
• Save all completed forms on your computer.

Step 3
Review Parent Handbook

Step 4
• RSVP to EventBrite invitation received via e-mail to attend Registration Day on Tuesday, July 5th. If you are unavailable that day, make special arrangements by calling the Preschool Office at 858.362.1171, or emailing to complete your registration.
• Turn in all completed forms at Registration Day or special appointment, and receive your class assignment for 2016-17!

2016-2017 Nierman On-Line Preschool Forms

We hope our online registration process makes the submittal process as easy and efficient as possible. To help guide you through this process, we have created 6 separate PDF packets with writeable forms.

Please review and/or complete, print and deliver these writeable PDFs to us by Registration Day on Tuesday, July 5th. All you have to do is type your information onto the forms and print them out. You can save these on your computer for easy updating of information. Please do not e-mail the file to us.


Allergy/Special Needs Reminder
Confidential History: Helps us meet each child’s individual needs
Drop-Off and Pick-Up Flyers: Provides authorization for access to the Preschool
Parent Reminder: Sign-In and sign out times
Parent Custody Authorization Form: Documents any restrictions on people visiting or signing out your child


Forms Required by State of California: Please complete if you have not already submitted



Kid Konnection: Flexible extended care hours - before 9:00 am and after 1:00 pm
Enrichment Forms: After-school enrichment classes for 3 and 4-5 year-olds
The Language Connection: Spanish, Hebrew, Chinese, Russian, French afternoon immersion programs
Parent Spanish: Take advantage of this great opportunity to learn Spanish with your children



Hot Lunch Program: Offered five days a week
Challahs: Delivered to your classroom for your family each Friday or when your child is "Aba" or "Ima"



Welcome from Preschool Executive Committee
Become A Room Parent: This is a great vehicle to become involved in the school and to meet new friends
Volunteer Sign-Up: Sign-up to volunteer in many capacities at the school
Volunteer Committee Descriptions

FORMS PACKET 6: Parent Information and Calendars


Preschool Calendar at a Glance: Includes holidays, vacations, and special days
New Parent Orientation and Parent-Teacher Open House: Parents become familiar with our school and its programs, followed by breakout groups with teachers
Flyers with Special Dates: Highlighting upcoming events
Special Program and Holiday Dates: Mark these dates on your calendar!
Telephone Directory: Preschool and JCC phone extensions
Health & Safety Policies
Peanut and Tree Nut Allergy Alert with Lunch/Snack Suggestions
What Should I Pack For Lunch? Ideas in conformance with Nierman Preschool's no meat/shellfish policy
Special Support Services: Introducing the school counselor and occupational therapist on staff
Hints for Transitioning
Nierman Hub: Our school’s website for information
Scholastic: Details on finding the perfect books for your child by shopping the online Book Clubs web site
Fall 2016 Community Dates: We hope to see you at these great events!
• Parent Handbook: Programs and policies at Nierman Preschool

All families must participate in Registration Day on Tuesday, July 5th. *We will be open from 8:30 am–5:30 pm. Registration should take between 15 -30 minutes! Your class assignment will be distributed after you complete your last station! *Call the school office to make an appointment if you are unavailable this day.